Client Photo Stories


"What's fun about this ad is that it's actually a composite. I shot the chef and the skewer with the mouth-watering meat. I was responsible for getting that look in his eye, getting him to look real happy. Then we added the copper background and the shimmer of flames. We shot this in Tucson so Ozzie, the owner of this Chicago restaurant, could go to the spring training games."

Miraval Life in Balance

"This was a real challenge. This is a team-building activity. There's a small platform on top of a 3D-foot telephone pole. And the thing is swaying. Once you're in the harness, you jump off and free fall. If you've got a fear of heights this will get you. There also are two people on the ground who have ropes with pulleys to slow you down after the free fall."

Rain Bird

"This is so technical. They wanted a photograph of their spray compared to the spray of their competitors. It's very difficult to shoot this in daylight, so we did the shoot in a controlled environment, a building they have called a zero-wind facility. It has a central drain in the floor. They can plug in the sprinkler heads, adjust the pressure and measure how much water is going to what positions in the arc of the spray. This is the kind of shot I enjoy figuring out. Once the water image was just right, then we added in the blue-sky green-grass background."

Sergant Controls

"This company manufactures these tiny really shiny stainless steel computer generated laser components. So I thought let's get a really pretty hand model so she can hold them and people will get an idea of what size they are. When she came to the shoot, the hand model was actually very pretty, so we had her holding the components near her face, putting them on as bracelets and just experimenting. This image won a Gold at the 2006 Addy Awards."